Voyage is an abstract landscape piece commissioned in 2005 for KPMG House at 161 Collins St Melbourne.

This public art piece was commissioned to fit within an existing commercial space that also functions as a public arcade within an historic, Heritage listed building that connects two iconic streets in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.

Voyage rides the line between representational and abstract art. Its forms are reminiscent of water and landscape without being too literal. This ambiguity leaves space for the viewer to create their own interpretation.

Whilst fitting comfortably within a modernist commercial setting the artwork manages to have a gentle and human presence. A presence that is strong enough to redefine the space around it and in doing so create a bridge between the architecture and the people who inhabit it.

This sculpture was hand modelled in 4 tonnes of clay and then cast in reinforced resin. During the clay modelling stage, studio lighting was tuned to match the final installation site to allow adjustment of the form and control the shadows that give Voyage its life and rhythm.

The sculpture is 14 m long, 4 m high and roughly 8 cm deep.


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